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Rust Jacking Brake Your Rust Jacking
BMS Prep, Paint & Dry Automated Process with the all new BMS Prep, Paint & Dry System
Rust Jacking - A Condition caused by de-icing chemicals found on the highways. Once it is combined with typical winter moisture, rust begins to build on the brake shoe and as it grows it pushes against the lining resulting in a crack & eventually a complete break
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Why Prep & Paint?
To have a truly clean brake shoe... Chlorides must be removed to prevent rust jacking. These salts have build up from de-icing salts, fumes & acid rain.
To eliminate Flash Rusting... Flash Rusting occurs when shoes are stored in high-humidity storage facilities. The result is a salt-steel-paint reaction resulting from an inadequately cleaned brake shoe which shortens the shoe shelf life.
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To protect against corrosion... The new BMS System is an automated dip coating that coats our shoes in